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Accu-Chek Aviva 50 Test Strips

Accu-Chek Aviva 50 Test Strips


Accu-Chek Aviva 50 Test Strips

Accu-Chek Aviva Test Strips are easy to use that fill quickly at any point along the tip with only a tiny drop. It makes it easy to use for individuals of all ages. The strips are used to self-monitor blood glucose levels to keep managing diabetes and related symptoms.

Product Specifications and Features:

  • A tiny 0.6 μL blood sample size is required for testing
  • The strips are easy-to-handle and use
  • The quick-fill strips fill anywhere along the tip
  • The test strips provide advanced accuracy in the results

Compatible With: Accu Chek Aviva blood glucose monitoring system

Directions for Use:

  • Insert the glucose test strip
  • Prick the finger with the lancet to draw out a blood drop
  • Carefully touch the blood drop onto the green field of the test strip
  • Read the blood glucose result

Safety Information:

  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Avoid any physical damage
  • Store in a clean and dry place
  • Check the strips are within their expiry date
  • Make sure to wash and dry your hands before testing

Quick Tips:

  • Every time you start to use a new box of test strips, make sure to calibrate your meter
  • Do not squeeze your finger when taking a blood drop sample


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