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Canmab 440 mg Injection (Trastuzumab)

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Manufacturer: Biocon
Medicine composition: Trastuzumab

Canmab 440 Mg Injection is used in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer. It works on tumors known to overexpress the protein HER2/neu. It also treats gastric cancer.

This drug is mostly administered through IV. The initial dose may be given for about 90 minutes. If the patient’s body reacts positively to Canmab 440 Mg Injection, the following doses may be given for about 30 minutes. The dosage of Canmab 440 Mg Injection that is administered generally depends on the severity of the cancer, health of the patient, body weight and height and other health problems that the patient may already have.

A few common side effects of this drug are- fever and chills after the first doze. The doctor may provide medicine to prevent this side effect. Other include pain in the body, nausea and weakness.

Side effects that are less common, but may occur none the less are diarrhea, headache, cough, vomiting, rashes and problems with breathing.When it comes to serious side effects of Canmab 440Mg Injection, problems with the ‘pumping action of the heart’ is very common. This increases the chances of a heart attack in cancer patients who may already be suffering from heart disease.


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