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Celdaz 200 mg Injection (Dacarbazine)

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Manufacturer: Celon Laboratories Ltd
Medicine composition: Dacarbazine

Used in the treatment of some types of cancers as well as Hodgkin disease, Celdaz 200mg Injection as an antineoplastic agent. Doctors generally prescribe it for the treatment of skin cancer that is at an advanced stage. The drug blocks the growth and multiplication of cancer cells, destroying them in the process.

There are a few medical conditions which may hinder the effects of Celdaz 200mg Injection on the body, thus it is important that you inform your medical practitioner about health issues like blood disease, kidney and liver problems and development of any infections. Also let him know if you are pregnant, or planning to conceive in the future. Nursing mothers should also consult the pros and cons of Celdaz 200mg Injection before taking it.


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