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Clexane 40 mg Injection (Enoxaparin)

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Manufacturer: Sanofi India Ltd

Medicine composition: Enoxaparin

Clexane 40 MG Injection is used for thinning your blood and preventing the formation of clots. It is generally used in hospitalized patients, or if you are recuperating at home after a stomach, knee or hip surgery when it is difficult for you to move around. The medicine can also treat any existing blood clots. Clexane 40 MG Injection can be used as a combination therapy, meaning it has to be taken with other medicines for a complete treatment. It belongs to the drug group known as anticoagulants. The medicine blocks a protein in the body that causes the clotting of the blood. In case you already have a blood clot, it will prevent it from becoming worse. In the meantime, your body breaks down the clot by itself.

Clexane 40 MG Injection is available in solution form, which is injected in your body. The dosage depends on your age, general health condition, the condition you are suffering from and the reaction of your body to the first dose. Ensure that you do not stop taking the medicine abruptly, as that would increase the risk of getting a blood clot. Also, an overdose can lead to abdominal pain, black stools, nosebleeds, bleeding gums and coughing or vomiting blood.


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