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LEDOMIDE -Lenalidomide 10 mg Capsules


Lidomide 10

Lenalidomide Capsules 10 mg – Lidomide 10 mg Capsules

Composition: Lenalidomide Capsules 10 mg

Dosage Form:  Capsules

Packing: 30 Capsules

Market Authorization: MBA Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Country of Origin: India

Similar to Lenalid 10 mg

Medicine composition: Lenalidomide 10 mg
Market Authorization Holder: MBA Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Lidomide 10Mg Capsule is used to treat anemia, which occurs in patients suffering from myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). The drug is used in combination with certain other medicines in the treatment of multiple myeloma (MM). Some patients suffering from mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) may also receive Lidomide 10Mg Capsule treatment, as it is an immunomodulator.
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Lenalidomide 10 mg

Dosage Form


Marketed By

MBA Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Shelf Life

Two Years


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