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Natclovir 250Mg Capsule (Ganciclovir)

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Manufacturer: Natco Pharma Ltd
Medicine composition: Ganciclovir

Natclovir 250Mg Capsule, is a prescription medication to treat Cytomegalovirus retinitis or CMV in short. CMV is a viral infection which is an inflammation in the retina of the eye in individuals with AIDS. This is also used for prevention of CMV diseases in transplant recipients at a risk for CMV diseases.

Natclovir 250Mg Capsule should not be used in case you are allergic, or you are diabetic or with liver conditions. This medicine is to be avoided if one is lactating or pregnant, as it could cause birth defects at certain dose levels. Please inform your doctor about all medical conditions that you may be suffering from and any other medications that you are already taking especially zidovudine or didanosine for any drug interactions.

Natclovir 250Mg Capsule is a medicine that comes in three forms – Capsule, powder for injection and as an oral solution. The doctor will tell you which form would suit your condition best.


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